Stop Trying So Hard

Granzie, my grandmother who passed away last year, was in my dream last night. I was sitting with Mum, and Mum was talking about her calendar planning system. I was raving at how organized she is. Then I became aware that Granzie was sitting across the table, and I invited her into the conversation. HerContinue reading “Stop Trying So Hard”

The Apex of the Lion’s Gate Portal

8/8/2020 Ascension is always there ~ as accessible and easy as falling asleep, as dying. It’s another dimension. I saw the portal open above me and it closed as I woke up last night. Be the warrior, not the worrier. Rise into your power, your highest self for the good of all. Step out ofContinue reading “The Apex of the Lion’s Gate Portal”

Grief and Arancini

It’s Good Friday and we are 28 days into the quarantine period due to Covid-19. My grandmother, “Granzie” died last week. My heart broke twice; once when she died and again when we learned she tested positive for Coronavirus a few days ago. I hated that she was one of the statistics, those cold, hardContinue reading “Grief and Arancini”

Beneath the Veil

4/23/20 The world has been shut down by an invisible force – a virus too small to be detected by the human eye. Is it possible then that the world could awaken by invisible forces too? How many invisible forces have we discovered and how many are still left to discover? Gravity, radio waves, electromagneticContinue reading “Beneath the Veil”


My parents introduced me to world religions and meditation from an early age. At Boston College, a Jesuit school, I learned more about world religions and earned a BA in Psychology. At 20 years old, my best friend passed away from leukemia. In my deep depression, I found that focusing on compassion for another human,Continue reading “Sojourn”