Shadow Self

When we accept and embrace the parts of ourselves that we previously rejected and shamed, we are practicing a loving surrender to what is and a transmutation of our deepest fears into a recognition, reclamation and fulfillment of our deepest desires.  In the paradoxical duality of our human predicament, our spirits long to experience allContinue reading “Shadow Self”


Religions are based on spiritual messages filtered through human channels, each with their own backstories and biases. As the messages manifest in the physical world, there are bound to be details that are specific to that human’s framework of experience and understanding. Their life experiences will color how they translate the messages, the result beingContinue reading “Communication”

Awkward Grace

I have spent much of my life trying to look like a put-together, polished, professional person. I have tried to hide any insecurities and avoided situations and conversations that make me feel uncomfortable or awkward. One of those subjects is spirituality. It feels like a touchy subject. I have qualms about bringing it up withContinue reading “Awkward Grace”

Divine Dichotomy

All of life is a delicious paradox In the question we find the answer Truth is stranger than fiction Shadow needs light Light creates shadow Every end is a new beginning The only constant is change In every crisis lies an opportunity Faith overcomes fear Redemption requires sin Discipline begets freedom The journey is theContinue reading “Divine Dichotomy”