Me in a Nutshell

I was introduced to world religions and meditation at an early age and have always felt drawn to the mystical world. In school, I was a straight A student, artistic and motivated. My teachers and parents told me I could do whatever I wanted. When I graduated college, I decided to do the coolest thing I could think of – making movies. However, when I became a mother, I was shocked to discover that my career choice might not be a good fit with raising a family. With a baby in the picture, suddenly, the long hours, low pay and lack of job security didn’t seem quite so romantic. My priorities shifted drastically to spending as much time as possible with my beautiful baby boy. A new career in real estate allowed me to fund my dreams while working a flexible schedule. Raising my three beautiful children while growing a successful real estate business put me on a path of personal growth and led to a deep realization that my outer world reflects my inner world. I also discovered the energy healing modality of Marconics and began experiencing an accelerated rate of spiritual awareness, sometimes in sudden downloads, synchronicities, signs and epiphanies. I started writing these messages down. I’m sharing this record of my awakening with you on the chance that some of it might resonate with you.

Thank you for reading.

With love,


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