Your Higher Self

You know your higher self. She is the one you picture when you think about how you will be better, richer, thinner, more confident, more successful in the future. She embodies who you want to be and the best of who you are. And she’s already in you. Your job is to connect with her and to become her. Think about who you would be if you had no more excuses and no more reasons to do exactly what you want to do. Think about who you will be in one or two years. How you will have excelled in your career path, crushed motherhood, and taken fabulous, exotic vacations. Maybe you will have invested in a condo in Tulum, Mexico, or written a novel. You might have performed in a play or created a new podcast. You can feel how awesome that is right? Now, move that feeling to the present. Be that person now. How does she stand? How does she talk? What does she think about? Is she fearful or authoritative? Flustered or calm? Angry or joyful? What does she believe in? Does she believe in you? Do you believe in her? Bring that reality to you. Feel the vibration of it. Breathe into it. Feel it with your heart. Follow that feeling. Follow your heart. You know that woman intimately. You are that woman. Be at home in her. Rest in her company. Your higher self is always with you. She is guiding you at every step. She knows exactly what you need, and she can communicate it to you precisely and articulately because she is you. She knows you intimately, what you are learning, what you are missing, and how to integrate it all. When you recognize that, you will believe in your own magic that has been there all along. Now when you align with that vibration wherever you find it, you will never go astray. The yellow brick road will lay itself out before you. And you will discover all you need to do is to click your heels to go home. 

Published by carebear777

I am a wife, mother of three, beautiful children, an energy healer and a spiritual development coach. I have largely discovered my sense of spirituality through motherhood and also through a form of energy healing called Marconics. I believe that the feminine divine is being called to rise up at this time to bring more balance to the planet and everyone on it. I enjoy writing, traveling, dancing, reading and hanging out with family and friends.

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