Everything we desire is already available to us as soon as we define it. In the field of infinite possibilities, anything we can imagine is already available to us. Just as a child can conjure a whole world where they can be anything they want to be and make anything happen, so can we as adults. The limitless potential is all around us, ripe for the taking. Ask and you shall receive. 

What do you want? What do you really, really want? Do you know? 
The only thing stopping you from getting what you want is your ability to define it. 
When you raise your vibration, you will discover that everything is available to you, and the universe wants you to get what you want. But you have to know what that is, and you have to let the universe know. If you have vague desires or conflicting desires or confusing desires or weak desires, then the universe cannot oblige. Once you truly feel it, physically and emotionally, then it can’t help but become yours. 

Focus on what you desire, not the lack of having what you desire. What you want is just what you want. It is not you. You do not need to be attached to it. It will not make you happy. You can be happy right now without that thing. Be happy in your desire. Relish the sweetness of your longing. Enjoy imagining how lovely it will be to satisfy that desire or accomplish that goal. Feel good about it, not bad. Delight in your desire, don’t resent it. Let it uplift you, not depress you. Love and cherish your desire. Let the thought of it send tingles through your body. See yourself having it. Feel what that will be like. Taste it. Savor it. That desire is yours. 

Delight in your desires yet know that you are already whole without them. If you are not happy right now without the object of your desire then you will not be happy when you obtain it. Why? Because you are externalizing your happiness. As long as you believe that something outside of yourself can make you happy, then any happiness you receive from the external world will be fleeting. After a moment of satisfaction, you will find some other external desire to attach your happiness to, and that will become the thing that you need before you allow yourself to be happy. Your happy place is not a beach in an exotic destination. It’s inside you. The lover that will sweep you off your feet and give you your happily ever after is not a beautiful stranger; it is you. The riches that will satisfy your every need are not at the end of the rainbow; they are already within you. Knowing that you are boundless takes a lot of courage. Limitless choice can be scary. Don't be scared. Just think, what do you want? 

Published by carebear777

I am a wife, mother of three, beautiful children, an energy healer and a spiritual development coach. I have largely discovered my sense of spirituality through motherhood and also through a form of energy healing called Marconics. I believe that the feminine divine is being called to rise up at this time to bring more balance to the planet and everyone on it. I enjoy writing, traveling, dancing, reading and hanging out with family and friends.

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