Your outer journey may contain 1 million steps. Your inner journey only has one – The step you are taking right now.

Eckhart Tolle

1/11/2021 –

Ascension = heaven on earth i.e. click your heels and you create your reality. Free will creatively manifesting at the speed of energy.

The Wizard of Oz has never held so much significance to me. Dorothy took the yellow brick road to Oz only to find that she could have gone home anytime she wanted using the ruby slippers – instant manifestation – but she had to take the journey to learn to believe in herself. Maybe I only need know and remember that I can click my heels at any time and say “There’s no place like home” to go there, or even just think and intend it to be. After all, ascension is not so much a road or path as a dimension, a state of being, a mindset. I can manifest anything instantaneously at the speed of energy and thought. And Dorothy picked up pieces of herself along her path – the full power of her brain / thought, her heart energy and her courage, her ability to release fear and she faced her demon, the witch , and revealed the Wizard to be an illusion. The power she sought was always there in herself, waiting to be discovered. Such a strong message. How many times have I seen that movie and thought it just a funny remnant of the past never fully realizing its meaning?

Dorothy is no fool. She learned her lesson and declared that all her heart desires is right there in her own backyard. She helped others when they were in need and she stepped up and confronted the lion when he threatened her friends tapping him on the nose firmly. She even chided the Emperor when he was impolite. She fought for her right to self-actualize and achieve her goal. Even in 1939 when young girls were to be seen but not heard, she exemplifies light warrior characteristics, compassionate yet resolute, gentle yet firm. And of course she extinguishes the witch by innocently saving her friend, out of love, not fear. Like Dorothy, we all have our own path we must take and challenges we must face in order to discover the truth – that we are our own hero and only we can create our own reality.

Ascension is a free will choice, a choice we make every moment.
We rise up or keep going round and round.
We have to keep going. Our lives do not. It’s dizzying to think of all the dimensions we’re transmuting into with only our inner knowing to guide us.
That soft, quiet voice, feeling it and trusting it is all we have. Will this journey end?
Is that the point? Or does it go forever? Forever into the sublime NOW.

Published by carebear777

I am a wife, mother of three, beautiful children, an energy healer and a spiritual development coach. I have largely discovered my sense of spirituality through motherhood and also through a form of energy healing called Marconics. I believe that the feminine divine is being called to rise up at this time to bring more balance to the planet and everyone on it. I enjoy writing, traveling, dancing, reading and hanging out with family and friends.

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