Beneath the Veil

“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

– Leonardo DaVinci


The world has been shut down by an invisible force – a virus too small to be detected by the human eye. Is it possible then that the world could awaken by invisible forces too? How many invisible forces have we discovered and how many are still left to discover? Gravity, radio waves, electromagnetic fields, radiation, all of these things we had no idea about, until we did. What have we yet to notice or understand? So much.

I woke up from a dream and in a half-dreaming state, I saw beneath the veil of the universe. Like a Leonardo DaVinci sketch, I saw the harmonics and dynamics layered and intersected with each other in infinite intelligence. Harmonized, concentric, ever-evolving, flowing energy moving happily, gracefully, balls revolving around and among other balls and curving lines. The atom and the cosmos are just the tip of the iceberg. Similar patterns and frequencies and dimensions are happening around us always. Makes me want to read about quantum physics. There’s so much more going on than we’re aware of. Our brains understand a lot but not even close to everything. Like a dog, we pick up on certain words and concepts but can’t comprehend the totality of what’s around us. Our senses can’t perceive it. Our intuitive senses perceive more than our logical brains. Frequencies and vibrations run through us constantly – emotions, thoughts, love, fear. They are invisible and mysterious and yet we know they are there.

I’m a space traveler traveling to other dimensions.

Published by carebear777

I am a wife, mother of three, beautiful children, an energy healer and a spiritual development coach. I have largely discovered my sense of spirituality through motherhood and also through a form of energy healing called Marconics. I believe that the feminine divine is being called to rise up at this time to bring more balance to the planet and everyone on it. I enjoy writing, traveling, dancing, reading and hanging out with family and friends.

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