“Perhaps heaven really does long to be here on earth, and perhaps that is why we are here–as conduits between the divine and the earthbound.”

Madisyn Taylor

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A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire I had seen this movie before, and I knew I was being called to watch it again at this time because it carries messages about the interplay of feminine and masculine desires. This rewatching proved to be deliciously powerful. The sisters, Stella and Blanche, represent the two options available to women…

The Cave

When the cave takes you, it swallows you whole It’s the belly of the beast And yet I was not scared I was protected And secure in that cave Not only from the outside forces But from myself In that sanctuary, I could unleash the full power of my being without fear I could let…

Eternal Dancer

Do you remember when We danced with crystals in our hair and prayers carved into our skin Under the moon and stars And in the caves of Inanna Shafts of light finding us In the cloak of night Drums beating with our hearts Rhythms pulsating with our souls We danced inside the music We knew…

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